Nicky Bondz is an artist from Long Island, New York, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nick is not only a talented artist, but incredibly intelligent. He is a third year PHD student who holds a Masters degree in Psychology. He brings with him a decade of experience in academic writing and research with a focus on mental health, addiction and recovery.   As an artist, Nick brings a creative wave with razor sharp focus and has started something inspiring by integrating his artistic side with his life experiences.


Nick released his first album in August 2019 called Taking The Throne. The project included major features from Uncle Murda, Maino and Araabmuzik. At the end of 2019 Nicky decided to create a new music direction of reflection, positivity and transitioned into the eclectic pop world! Combining EDM and Trap.


Nicks first 2020 release was of his most-anticipated single yet, “Love.” The song completes an evolution from the musician that finally comes full circle. As his earlier songs were influenced more by hip hop and rap, his music has since evolved, to an entirely new sound that is light and upbeat, based on positivity and full of summery vibes. Some of the songs on his upcoming album talk about his life and the troubles he has overcome, but many of the songs focus on love and relationships.


Accompanying the single “Love” is an original music video that encompasses the true sense of the song and the lyrics. Shot in the Miami, the video maintains the vibey flow and feel-good nature of the single. The scenes are all light-hearted, about love and relationships. Bondz says, “Shooting the video in Miami was an amazing experience. The Miami aesthetic perfectly embraced the mood of the song.”


Additionally, Nick released his second single of 2020 called Satellites ! Satellites is accompanied by a cinematic music video that will take you on a cosmic journey vibe.


As we get closer to Nick releasing his two part album this year called “VIZION: 2020” which will display Nick’s diversity and his detailed ear for music. We felt compelled to release another single called “M.O.V.E” to assist with at home workouts while we mentally all deal with the stay at home orders due to COVID 19.


We will come out stronger and better than ever…